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  • Distressed Mirrors

    By applying a film of disolved silver solution and the utilization of several different techniques and chemicals, GRUVER STUDIOS can create a mirror that has the look of a salvaged piece that has seen many years of weather and use. Each piece is unique in pattern and color unlike most mass produced "Vintage" mirrors where one can easily pick out the repeating patterns of the applied markings. This process can also be done with the application of pewter, gold or a combination of the three to create a truly one of a kind piece. The samples above are silvered mirrors with three different techniques applied. Use the contact form to inquire about samples for your next project.

  • Reproduction Pieces

    Utilizing our machine shop, color-changing LED lights and optical acrylic we created these ART DECO reproduction bar lights that where incorporated in our bar design for Westminster American Insurance Co's employee lounge. The client gave us two parameters to follow, Art Deco and Whurlitzer Jukeboxes. The conponents where milled, built and assembled 100% in house. Challenge us with a wish of your own.

  • Bark Veneer

    For Hundreds years (if not more), some Native American tribes have peeled bark from trees to use as a manufacturing material in the production or repair of thier canoes, storage vessels and other various containers. This process was done in the spring when the trees bagan to spring to life. Just the outer layer was used leaving the inner layers intact preserving the tree's viability. Gruver Studios aquires bark from Birch trees in Siberia, Alaska and New England to use in various ways in our workshop. We have made doors, lampshades and laminated panels as shown above to add an interesting rustic vibe to deserving projects. This technique can be done with other species of trees as well. We look forward to discovering other uses for this natural and sustainable process.

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