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Let us bring your vision to life

While we aspire to build on our library of unique products available for sale, what remains front and formost in our journey are the services we provide our customers,..

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    Concept Development & Implementation

    When planning a brick and mortar space such as a restaurant or specialized retail space there are many factors to concider for success. Gruver Studios will spearhead the process from concept development, editing, branding, design and permits to implementation and construction.

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    Commercial & Residential Spaces

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    Bespoke Furniture Design

    Our services don't stop with a beautiful space. We aspire to create encounters that are truly unique in concept and design including the objects that go in them. It is easy to implement off the shelf products in a design but a piece that was created specifically for your space makes it special.

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    Bespoke Lighting & Artifacts

    As they say, It's all in the details. New ideas present themselves through the process of making. We collect these ideas and bring them to life for our clients and our own portfolio. Each addition to your space is part of the story being told. Details make a great story. Commission us to help bring your story to life.

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    Architectural Steel Fabrication

    Using multiple techniques, our sutdio can fabricate steel products and conponents like railings, awnings and light structural or architectural pieces that stabilize, integrate or adorn your project. We can work off of provided drawings or create from scratch in tandem with our engineers and suppliers.


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    Set Design

    Our creations need not be permanent to be appreciated. We also provide our design services for staging realestate, fulfilling a directors vision on film and creating content for photographers to interpret with their clients. If you have a creative idea, bring it to us and we will tackle it head on.