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About Gruver Studios


As a creatively driven person, the crossroads or intersection of these schools of thought inform Andy's objectives and have fuled the values and interests he has held on tightly to along the way. The creation of Gruver Studios is a natural progression of this existence.

By virtue of the many needs presented to us in this ever-changing world and a strong drive to create both solutions and something beautiful for all, this opportunity is more appealing and relevant than ever before.

S T U D I O //

Housed in the historical National Brewery building in East Baltimore, it is here the studio's projects are produced and wares are created in mediums of wood, steel, glass, fabric and leather. Each in multiple ways and each for multiple reasons.

The studio consists of two places, one virtual and one physical. The virtual studio exists in the notebooks, sketches and morning attemts to recall dreamtime brilliance... culminating in a mental rolodex of directions for the team to explore. The physical studio is a 4,000 square foot shop with a concrete floor that houses as many impliments of tecnique and trade as space allows and enables their sketched pages to come to life.

It is not viewed as a place of work but more of a place of discovery, inspiration and education.

O B J E C T I V E S //

"Selfishly", Andy admits, "my aim is focused on what I love to do, and the prospects it may bring for myself and others. Hopfully it is not to much for one human to ask of the powers that be". Although within that, if you dig a little deeper, you'll find a real desire to change the way people think about space, art & life itself. Specifically the intimate spaces we all live in, eat in, and interact with others in, with equal emphasis on the things they choose to put in these spaces.

He explains "The Studio's goal is to elevate people's experiences through thoughtful stewardship of their personal memories and emotions from the past, things they want to take with them, "their" story. Just as a book is a physical object, a tool from which a story or a bit of information is crafted into a participatory reality, a book's true form. Our immediate surroundings are the same. If allowed, they can guide our personal experience and reveal culture, "our" story. The encounters and feelings we observe as a result of this style of personal design are the true product. Everything else is just words, motions or actions."

So, if one's surroundings can effectively envoke these feelings of culture and involvement, they can also envoke a sense of purpose, comfort and well being for a space's inhabitants and it's visitors. This is what drives Gruver Studios.

H I S T O R Y //